Thursday, April 18, 2013

Volutneers not Volunteers

Volunteer not Volutneer from Eric Huber on Vimeo.

You can see most of the story line. The second half with the duck needs to have a lot more added and I believe the first half before the duck could be cut down a bit more.

Some of the replaced elements in older scenes seem to disappear. I must have not had them on the timeline for long enough. An easy fix...

I'm liking the opening, of course Ill have to do something different with the intertitles background just simple moving up...

The shot at the end of the clip is a test sequence to see if cutting to actual reality footage will cut together with this project. So a few filters were applied to it to help ease that transition and create a look out of it.

I think a lot more can be expanded out of the duck taking him to his nest.

I also need to create a background for the cockpit inside his lunar module. It occurred to me that the chap will have to sit down for the beginning and end of his mission.

Audio is still in test phases. I used audio for the take off from compiled youtube clip. I asked the fellow if I could have permission to use it but then all of the voices in it are talking about the mission from the clip and I think that'll interfere with the narrative of my piece.

So for right now I believe I'd really just like to hear the feedback for the direction it's looking to take.

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