Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adelaide Paul lecture

I was very fascinated by Ms Pauls lecture. It was interesting to see her humble early graduate work and the slow reveal and escalation in quality of her most recent work. Not only an increase in quality, but a great advancment in focus of what she wants to make her art about. She was greatly effected by a trip to a place where euthanized animals are incinerated. Also an animal lover, this has become her life's work and cause. She adopts elderly unwanted animals and connects with them while she can. This also caused her to delve a little further into the medical side of things, so much so that she began drafting mechanical illustrations of the body parts of some of the animals, never having been an illustrator before that. She purchased prefabricated mannequins and then warps them to her liking to make them look like the specific breed of animal she wants. She then covers and stitches them with various leathers, sometimes sewing a glass eye or two into the pieces. Often pieces are shown decapitated to emphasize the beauty of their imperfections. I greatly enjoyed her lecture and as a graduate student was fascinated by the continual progression of her work.

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